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Disorders of the pelvic floor are common with sufferers experiencing a loss of freedom and control

Ambassador 3 – Susan’s Story

Susan W The effectiveness of the therapy really hit home when my doctor removed my trial leads in preparation for the long-term therapy, and my leaking resumed once again. Yet I felt some apprehension about getting surgery. When the day arrived, I was put at ease by my doctor, who answered all my questions, and by my Medtronic representative. The procedure took place at a hospital in a single day: I arrived at 8:00 am, and left at 5:00 pm.

My healing process, however, wasn’t as quick, and I grew impatient for my return to full health so I could resume my daily farm tasks. With fresh incision sites where the long term lead was implanted, I couldn’t stoop to feed chickens, bale hay, and perform other chores I enjoyed. Sometimes I would get careless and lean over, causing the lead to shift and send a slight shock through my body. Soon I became very deft at picking up things with my feet or squatting straight down to reach for objects on the ground.

My recovery period lasted several weeks, but being overly cautious, I took it easy and gave myself extra time before I made a full return to my hectic lifestyle.

Like the trial, the results from my long-term therapy were immediate, and exceeded my expectations. I had to adjust my settings shortly after my surgery, but otherwise my therapy has been constant.

With Sacral Neuromodulation Therapy I no longer waste time searching for restrooms and covering up accidents. I can commit myself completely to all the tasks I want and need to do, whether that’s collecting eggs, leisurely riding my horses, making sales calls, taking clients to lunch, presenting at meetings, or cooking supper.

Sacral Neuromodulation Therapy has also freed me from potentially embarrassing situations. My intimacy with my husband is back, and I can wear light-colored clothes again—in elevators, and everywhere in between.

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