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Disorders of the pelvic floor are common with sufferers experiencing a loss of freedom and control

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Incontinence is a very private problem, which can be difficult and embarrassing to talk about. It is important to know that others also suffer, and that treatments exist that can improve or manage symptoms.

The decision to undergo treatment with an implantable therapy is deeply personal and very complex. If you suffer from incontinence, your doctor will be the main source of information about these therapies. Many people suggest that it can help to talk to someone who has undergone a similar experience.

Our Ambassadors have agreed to share their personal stories with you – including their reasons for choosing an implantable therapy and how it has affected their lives. We hope their contribution will help you to make a confident, informed decision about which treatment option is best for you.

The following articles recount the experiences of peoples who are using Medtronic therapies to control faecal incontinence. Medtronic invited these people to share their stories candidly. As you read them, please bear in mind that the experiences are specific to these particular people. As with all medical treatments, not every response is the same. Results vary.

Pam small

Ambassador 1 – Pam’s Story

Sacral Nerve Stimulation for Faecal Incontinence.

Pam has never been diagnosed with a disease, nor has she received a defined medical prognosis. It just happened that through her adult life, she slowly lost bowel control. There was no specific cause, no obvious onset. Becoming more and more confined to her home, Pam finally found a solutions in Sacral Nerve Stimulation. "It is not perfect, but it’s really really helpful for me. It makes a huge difference, because I have a few minutes – maybe 10 minutes – knowing that I need to go to the toilet", Pam said.
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Ambassador 2 – Beverley’s Story

Sacral Nerve Stimulation for Faecal Incontinence.

Whether it’s over the phone, or face to face, Beverley’s joy for live resonates in her every word. Listening to her story, I was continually amazed at the power of this woman – the difficulties she had overcome, the determination to squeeze joy from her darkest moments, and the amount of love she has for her family – her husband, two daughters, and her grand daughters. Beverley survived nine years of intractable diarrhoea before finally discovering an answer to her problems in sacral nerve stimulation...
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Susan W

Ambassador 3 – Susan’s Story

Urge incontinence

"With InterStim Therapy I no longer waste time searching for restrooms and covering up accidents."
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Ambassador 4 – Beckie’s Story

Urinary retention

"I can do almost anything now – go for 10-mile jogs, wear a bikini, golf, and eat and drink normally. I can make it all the way through a trip to the grocery store without a bathroom break and I no longer have to keep catheters in my purse, at work, or in the car."
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Ambassador 5 – Romy’s Story

Faecal incontinence

“My awareness of my body and its functions is second to none! I also believe that the journey has given me a great deal of empathy. It took an overwhelming, disempowering situation, and with the help of some clever doctors and wonderful medical technology, I have come through this experience, empowered and no longer defined by my faecal incontinence. I have the confidence that I will never return to my life where faecal incontinence consumed everything. Rather, I now ‘Control’ these symptoms and I have my life back!”
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Ambassador 6 – Claire’s Story

Faecal Incontinence

Medicated since the age of nine, Claire Davis has grown-up with a unique interest in knowing the location of the nearest toilet, that isn’t usually associated with someone so young. Her journey has never been about hiding her condition, and now as an articulate, confident 20-something, Claire is hoping to lend her voice to help those struggling to find theirs.
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Diane small

Ambassador 7 – Diane’s Story

Overactive Bladder

When Diane Freer describes the best sleep she’d ever had as the surgery for SNM, it sounds unbelievable. It shouldn’t. Lies, constant washing, frequent trips to the bathroom and night-time waking, had set Diane on a cycle with little respite – until the day she got ‘the best sleep you could ever have’.
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